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Lucky Stiff
Set  and Media Design, Utah Valley University

Media Design

The media for this production was used to help discern between the dozens of different locations required by the script. In keeping with the 80's video game theme I designed all of the media images and films in an 8-bit retro style. 


Creative Team


Photography by, Suzy O

Music Director, Amanda Crabb

Choreographer, Jennifer Delac

Music Conductor, Mark Johnson

Stage Manager, Nicole Smith

Scenic Design, Milinda Weeks

Costume Design, Madison Halverstadt

Lighting Design, Collin Schmierer

Sound Design, Devon Parikh

Makeup, Hair, & Wig Design, Lillian Hanks

Prop Design, Cortnee Quist

Dialect Coach, Steven Rimke

Dramaturg, Anne Post Fife



Harry Witherspoon, KC Johnson

Annabel Glick, Keely Conrad

Rita La Porta, Kalena Nielson

Vinnie DiRuzzio, Carson Lawrence

Luigi Gaudi, Seven Harrison

Dominique Du Monaco, Bronwyn Andreoli

Emcee, Casey Copier

Dead Body (Anthony Hendon), Skylar Boyd

Vicious Punk / Ensemble, Alessandro Falabella

Nun / Ensemble, Alex Russon

Bell Hop / Ensemble, Braden Clement

Drunk Maid / Ensemble, Elise Jones

Landlady / Ensemble, Jocelyn Kleinman

Lorry Driver / Ensemble, Preston Ochsenhirt

Spinster / Roulette Wheel  / Ensemble, Sophie Mercer

Nurse / Ensemble, Yulissa Torres

Swing, Autumn Bickmore

Swing, Grace Bowman

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