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Blithe Spirit

Set, Projection and Special Effects Design, Scenic Charge, Snow College

List of Special Effects:

  • Two way mirror

Allowed for an actor to stand behind the mirror and with a lighting effect be seen by the audience.

  • Levitating Card Table

Card Table would levitate and jostle as if possessed while all actors hands were placed flat on the table top, and then fall to the ground

  • Self Typing Typewriter

Typewriter would type and chime without any actor touching it

  • Falling Books 

Books would fall off of the bookshelf without any actors touching them

  • Rotating Light Sconces

Lighting Sconces would twist and rotate on the walls without any actors touching them

  • Rotating Pictures

Wall paintings would twist and rotate without any actors touching them

  • Spandex Coffered Wall

Allowed for hand and face impression from the rear as if ghosts were coming out of the walls

  • Painting on Scrim

Allowed for rear projection of ghosts through the wall

  • Smoke Screen Illusions 

Allowed for front projection onto a smoke screen giving an ethereal ghostly quality to moving images

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